Crypto Ventilator

Product Details

Ref-Power Crypto Ventilator is a custom built mining ventilation equipment designed with the best quality for the highest efficiency. Servers/Miners are integrated inside the equipment on a full racking system “Server Station”. A filter section is installed before the Server Station to ensure a full protection of the Servers/Miners. Each equipment is capable of ventilating an equivalence of 150 kW Server/Miners (higher capacities available).

The Crypto Ventilator is designed to maintain the Server Station at a specific temperature for optimum efficiency. Depending on the outside air temperature, the unit could be on a full Exhaust or Mixing Mode. With a standalone controller the ventilator will maintain a 24/7 mining operation.

Standard Features

Casing Construction:

  • Powder coated galvanized steel construction
  • Custom Colors available

Filter Section:

  • Pleated panel filter section with MERV 8 rating. Filter section is available in 1”, 2”, and 4” models


  • Motorized dampers supplied with damper actuators and a standalone controller

Fans with EC Motor:

Electronically Commutated Motors, DC Brushless Motors for best efficiency and lowest acoustics
  • Axial EC Fans – for Static pressure below 1” WC
  • Radial EC Fans – for Static pressure above 1” WC
  • Option:
  • Axial AC Fans – for Static pressure below 1” WC

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